Real World Wildlife Products

Real World Wildlife Products doesn't believe in hype or misleading ad campaigns; instead they strive to put out the very best food plot seed products possible and educate their customers to their proper establishment. They can assure you that every product they offer was first tested on their own hunting properties. They got into the food plot seed business after years of frustration from using other brands and never being satisfied with the results. They take their food plots as seriously as they take their hunting because they know that quality food plots lead to quality hunting opportunities. Each year you can find every one of their food plot seed blends growing in their own food plots. If they honestly felt that there were better food plot products on the market, they would be planting them. They are so confident in their products that they are likely the only food plot seed company that strongly encourages their customers to plant any of their products side-by-side with any other similar products on the market. Go ahead and buy a competitors seed but make sure you plant a Real World blend side-by-side with it and see the difference for yourself. They are that confident in their products!