Soft Side 6X6 Ghillie Deluxe Blind sold with 5 Foot Stand

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With its spacious 6-foot by 6-foot interior, there’s plenty of room for up to three adults or two adults and two children to hunt comfortably—whether that’s with a bow, gun or crossbow. The Redneck 6X6 Ghille Deluxe 360 blind sports a heavy-duty double-stitched 600 denier flame-retardant Ghille/camo cover, and the double-zipper design allows the windows to be opened to any configuration for maximum visibility while maintaining the highest level of concealment. The Ghille/camo cover easily blends in with a variety of backgrounds without having to brush in.

The new deluxe version features 30% more Ghille material and a wider spacing of Ghille around door zipper to increase both longevity but ease of use.

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